Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find the location of the Hull Number?
The boat will have a hull number stamped into it. -On the stem (both sides) about 18" down from the deck or on the engine hatch edge or under the air intake scoops if they are wooden or on the back of the rear seat if still original or in pencil under engine box if a utility. Look for 22 / 999 if 1954 or older or 55 / 22 / 999 if 55 and newer 22 / 999 length / boat number 55/22/999 year / length /boat number

What type of stain was used on the boats?
I contacted a person who is/was in contact with someone who worked at Shepherd Boats during the 1950's and 1960's and this is what he said regarding Shepherd Boats Stain. I don't know the exact years that this was used To get the mahogany stain on the boat the following was used 3 heaping tablespoons of Pettit Light Brown Mahogany filler mixed in 1 quart of thinner. Shake this mixture very well Dip a rag into this mixture and wipe on boat Let sit for a few minutes (not sure of exact time) and then wipe with a towel Donít rub very hard Prepare to varnish To get the yellow coloring on certain models do the following Use white primer and dilute 3 parts to 1 with thinner (one part primer and 3 parts thinner) Soak rag in mixture and apply to wood Wipe off almost immediately Prepare for varnish Pettit Marine Paints website can be located at I hope I didn't leave anything out. If I have missed something or if anyone else would like to add something please let me know Please note that I have never tried this personally so cannot guarantee the results

Why can't I view the photos in the photo gallery?
a few people have emailed me saying that they can't see any images on the photo gallery section

The way the photo gallery works is that when you click "Photos" another window will open which will show information on the boat as well as thumbnail images on the right side. When you click a thumbnail image another window will open showing a large image.

If you click on the main window the smaller window showing the boat information and thumbnail images will be moved behind the other window.

If you have two monitors it is best to move one of the windows to the other monitor. If you have only one monitor you will have to resize the website so that both pages are visible or click Alt Tab until the other page is moved forward.

You may also want to check the settings of your popup windows. If you are blocking popup windows this may effect the website. I have popup windows blocked on my website and don't have a problem but others may.

If this doesn't help please email me

Where can I find parts for my engine
- Anthony-Keats Marine has been in business for over 55 years and was a distributor of Chrysler engines. Check out their site at

They have a message board where you can post messages and they also have a section on Engine parts