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366 records found
 16    KevinBrezynskiemore info
193518Fleetwood?RunaboutDouble CockpitPatrickMcCombsmore info
193718Princess3 RunaboutSteveHazeltonmore info
193915Miss ShepherdHydro135 Class Race boat  Historical Photomore info
193919    GeorgeGarrisonmore info
193923The Playboy2 (I think) HardtopAlanNotman (original owner)more info
193919The Homecoming     more info
193922Jo Leigh  Runabout  more info
194165Niagara Southwind ketchSailboat  more info
194617Glenmac01.46? RunaboutJohnNesbittmore info
194717Shepherd17-85utilityUtilityHans more info
194717Grace  UtilityJerlryKetomore info
194717    RichardBerganmore info
194717Impulsive17-115 utility  more info
194717   utilityPatrick and Heather Stubbertmore info
194822Bear   RobertMcLeishmore info
194818Tully17156 V driveDaveRossmore info
194822Purple Haze22-48-54110RunaboutPhillipJonesmore info
194822  110RunaboutPeterBrewstermore info
194822unnamed5848-130Deluxe SportsmanBrianNormanmore info
194817Cats Pajamas17 UtilityRaymondMaharmore info
194822King's Ransom8 S48-120Deluxe Sport RunaboutRobert and KarenFrickemore info
194822Tubby17151runaboutDanDangermore info
194822Savannah   AdamSimmsmore info
194822 22-92CUSTOM SPORT RUNABOUT ? AndrewMiddletonmore info
194817Fire Fly17-82 RunaboutGraham and PeterHarraldmore info
194817Sentimental  UtilityRonBrownmore info
194817Ricochet II  Utility Historical Photomore info
194822Black Sheep  RunaboutJackWaligoramore info
194817Tanstaafl  UtilityStephenStrassermore info
194817Tikitiboo1948 17 105110UtilityJohnMacAulaymore info
194817 180 UtilityWilliamMc Dougallmore info
194822Miss Geneva87 Deluxe SportsmanRandyMcKendrymore info
194822First Class22-48-40 UtilityMichaelBashawmore info
194822Char Mech22 84  RunaboutDoug and GayleWoodmore info
194817Phoenix97 UtilitySheldonBeveridgemore info
194822Winter Jade 22 31RunaboutDaveWilliamsmore info
194922 123 UTILITYKENFORBESmore info
194922 112 or 115140Sedan  more info
194917   utilityEddyMugfordmore info
194917unamed - suggestions?17 184 riunaboutspeedsterMichaelBealemore info
194917sum r fun 100utilityjason lilleymore info
194922Fireball22-U-49?RunaboutDarvinKuehlmore info
194922    DavidBreckelsmore info
194922 117 Utility  more info
194922 Margot?49-140sedanRaymondSt-Jeanmore info
194917 17-134   HalMcArthurmore info
194917Ricochet17-161 V-DriveJimButlermore info
19491723rd Psalm17-131 runaboutBobKnappmore info
194922TBD86  AdamSimmsmore info
194922 22-149 UtilityMichaelClaudonmore info
194922Sportsman10050-110S RodgerMurphymore info
194917Able Lady162 UtilityJeffBondmore info
194917 178-17 UtilityWilliamMcDougallmore info
194917Golden Rocket121100 or 110UtilityLyndaMorrisonmore info
194917German Shepherd17-16817runaboutAndreasReissmannmore info
194922Rambler22-149 UtilityThomas and BarbaraMillermore info
194922Lady of the Lake9022-90runaboutrobinmooremore info
194917   UtilityJohnBuchanmore info
195017 17-202  JeffQuamore info
195118Laura Grace18-223 UtilityJohnLoucksmore info
195122  110V-DriveKimRossimore info
195118   347BobMokracekmore info
195118  105Runabout  more info
195118Colleen263 Vee-DriveBruceFinniganmore info
195122Memory22 144110SSportsmanDonaldPooliemore info
195122Innisfree V22-141  William JMaramore info
195122catherine 110runaboutkimrossimore info
195117   utilityHalGreermore info
195222Irie52 22 170 RunaboutRoccoIrishmore info
195222 52 22 233110 SSportsmanDanielMcWilliamsmore info
195222Beeper  UtilityJaneFinamore info
195218Red Snapper18-282105Runabout ConvertibleNancyCipryk more info
195222Cheers145 Sportsman 110SAlanHillsmore info
195222magic moments215 sportsmanbobdurrantmore info
195227Hemis From Heaven52-27-006  DaveAttonmore info
195228Somewhere in Time  Cabin CruiserJoelSchneidermore info
195218Miss Bug??RunaboutDougReichermore info
195218Peche Mignon298 UtilityRobEdwardsmore info
195222Shepherd216110SRunaboutRobThomasmore info
195218 237105RunaboutGuyLaHayemore info
195322The Glen  UtilityMike+LindaCarpinellomore info
195322Nostalgia22-195100UtilityWillaimBairdmore info
195322Ragtime53-22-297 UtilityFredSteilmore info
195322Helen B   DavidFanchermore info
195322Beaut Too221589?UtilityHalCrawfordmore info
195327Magic Moment53-27-17 express runaboutMalcolmBlackmore info
195318none? RunaboutDeborahJonesmore info
195322Donarose  UtilityFredSpardutimore info
195322(yet un-named)22-302110SSportsman RunaboutTom and JanetCathcartmore info
195322Humdinger??ConvertibleHughNevin, Jr.more info
195322Laraine   LaraineMetiviermore info
195322Shepard53 22 78???  BillKundlamore info
195328Maggie5 Express CruiserJohnZidnermore info
195327   Convertible Cruiserunknown more info
195322 22-142 triple deck, runaboutAndreTrudelmore info
195322 22-142    more info
195327Babalu53 27 10 Commuter  more info
195322Another Option   RudiBurgenmore info
195422Sheperd54-22-320110convertibleTimMonahanmore info
195422   Utility  more info
195424 54 24 19 Twin SedanRichardPerduemore info
195418      more info
195424The Boat54 24 5 HardtopTimHaynesmore info
195427Shepherd54-27-35  Dev and WendyFrasermore info
195427rock haven  express cruiserTerryWitzelmore info
195424 54-24-02  unknown more info
195424 54 24 3 Hardtop  more info
195418Irish Pride18-355 UtilityJohnMurphymore info
195427Sea Wolf54-27-25  AndyChudymore info
195427 54 27 31 Cruiser  more info
195418   utilityLarryWoldmore info
195427Sarah J27 22 130PaulSmithmore info
195418Ruby??UtilityJimTimmermanmore info
195427Miti Mo  CruiserFrankMosienkomore info
195424  120?Hardtopunknown more info
195424Aces 120 S JimDunnmore info
195418    GordonReidmore info
195422    KarlKleinmore info
195427Prince Of Whales54 27 33  JoeBlainemore info
195422blue heron22-214  lairdmcmurraymore info
195416   RunaboutDonaldRoneymore info
195418 409  DennisGibsonmore info
195422Satin Dahl334 RunaboutBobDahlmore info
195422Miss Willie54-22-311  Henryde Woldemore info
195427Tbd54 27 30150Commuter HardtopJohnDovermore info
195418 18-332 utilityBudReidmore info
195424Bo-Peep  Utility  more info
195422Maureen54 22 365 RunaboutBruce and MaureenDowzyckimore info
195422GERPATCYN322 utilitywilliamcareymore info
195418The CLementine??utilityDavidLeemore info
195424unnamed - (was Bo-Peep)54 24 8 utilityJmiAltounianmore info
195427Queen Of The Fleet40?RunaboutPeterMooremore info
195518Afternoon Delight55 18 378 runaboutJohnEdgellmore info
195522 55 22 365110UtilityWayneMuellermore info
195518 55 18 381 UtilityJeffMerkelmore info
195518Miss Peggy5518388105RunaboutJohnLaidlawmore info
195524Pryapus55 24 23 UtilityAndyMitchellmore info
195522Sandy's Mistress 110sRunaboutIanSandercockmore info
195524 55 24 12  RobertShavermore info
195518Lady B 105UtilityJoeVranamore info
195518Rejoice372105RunaboutThomasEnglertmore info
195534Dioscouri   RickDowmore info
195518MAME  UtilityAndyGrimsleymore info
195527Nomad55-27-55130CommuterBillHopsonmore info
195518   RunaboutDale more info
195524Canadian Lady   RobHarringmore info
195522Johny G   MartinRosenbaummore info
195518Mary Elizabeth401 RunaboutDavidBewseymore info
195522Big Norma   NormaSchoonovermore info
195518MandM  RunaboutSelbyTurnermore info
195522 55 22 303 Runabout  more info
195518Classy Lady1955 18 ??100UtilityLindaGilkermore info
195522Quality Time55 22 363110SportsmanGordSmithmore info
195522BYBLOS  110Kevin more info
195518Stephanie Rose56-18 130100UtilityJamesMcDonald IVmore info
195524 17  Bob and K'AnneThibaudeaumore info
195518   utility Lylemore info
195518Alvin#255-18-400100Utility  more info
195522Elouise1955 22 341 RunaboutRickGladychmore info
195524Class Of 55  Twin Engine Convertibleunknown more info
195527Marnie  Commuter RunaboutGordonHawkemore info
195522 55-22-377110 GeorgeOnufermore info
195615   OutboardKeithBurnsmore info
195618Humdrum423 RunaboutJackHughesmore info
195622ONE MORE THING56-22-411110 RayGlennmore info
195622BIN 5622 56 39122RUNABOUT  more info
195615 156? OutboardPeterRichardsonmore info
195627 56 27 69  HarryLewismore info
195618 5618419    more info
195616Wooden B SportOutboardBrianLabadiemore info
195616 56 16 13Model 65 TomDavismore info
195618 413 UtilityEricHallettmore info
195627Lady Victoria56 27 66 Hard top CommuterMurrayParnellmore info
195622Stormfront56-22-405110RunaboutRickPaulbickmore info
195618Nice, Eh432105RunaboutChrisO'Connormore info
195624Silk Purse56-24-27120 MalcolmBlackmore info
195622Chrysis56-22-384110 I thinkV-DriveMikeFeathersmore info
195622No School Today56-22-414110V-drive RunaboutJohnDortmore info
195618   RunaboutSteveAndersonmore info
195618Memories18-334?RunaboutKentVolmerdingmore info
195618 41618R RalphParkesmore info
195627 56 27 Runnabout Commuter ConvertibleMichaelWhitchermore info
195616Mischief56 16 465Ski BeeDon and DonnaColemanmore info
195627   Hardtop Runabout  more info
195618Marion 100UtilityRobertMerkleymore info
195622Gypsy Soul56 22 385 UtilityStaci/BrianFieldermore info
195616Page One56-16-22SkibeeRunaboutGerry and PatFloodmore info
195622Canadian Club5622408110RunaboutH.A.(Pete)Laurencemore info
195627 56 27 75 Hard Top  more info
195622NIKOLUCABRY5622413110UtilityJeffElghanayanmore info
195622LUMPY22-56-410 Runabout-V-DriveSpankyGoodinmore info
195618Cypress418100sSuper SportsmanJimVealmore info
195615BABY SHEP56 156 22 outboardDonaldMinormore info
195615marmax  Junior Outboardperryblairmore info
195616PEG E SUE56 16 23SKIBEERunaboutRobertPalmermore info
195615The Shepherdunkunkoutboard runaboutRickPurdymore info
195636orion36-1 express cruiserpaullemieuxmore info
195622We'n Sea56-22-388110Vee Drive UtilityThomasLovemore info
195721Sheperd  RunaboutMichelDurochermore info
195722Hallelujah Side419110 BrianSwansonmore info
195722 432 utilityThomasGibbonsmore info
195718 57-18-472 runaboutAndrewAtkinsmore info
195722Chip's Ahoy57-22-308  ChipThompsonmore info
195715un-named   Gord and CarolBainmore info
195722Stardust22 57 425 RunaboutGregHorsleymore info
195716Dragon Ladynot visible OutboardDonMillermore info
195718Honey57-18-449105RunaboutJimVealmore info
195718TBD 100UtilityMichaelMcCabemore info
195716   SkibeeRickForstermore info
195718 57-18-455    more info
195722 57-22-442110 SSportsmanPaulGallupmore info
195724Splendido572434120sSportsman  more info
195718Sweet Pea468 runaboutPhil and DianneHallmore info
195715 n/aJunior 15outboard RunaboutKevinHartleymore info
195724Addiction572432120SRunaboutJohnWardenmore info
195718miss Behaven   BentAlsbomore info
195730Pandemonium     more info
195722nil5722424110run aboutAlex F.Moremore info
195722Young Yaght5722427 runaboutDeanYoungmore info
195718 57 18 462100   more info
195715nil57156128 outboardAlex F.Moremore info
195730   Express Cruiser  more info
195727Despina572779 Express CommuterMalcolmKidsnClassics Boatshops Museummore info
195716 Shepard57-16-42Ski-beeSki BeeDonaldWiltonmore info
195715???132Outboard   more info
195715MAR LEE57 156 58Junior OutboardJunior OutboardRonFarinamore info
195716"Special K"   RunaboutBrianMcPhiemore info
195716SPUD1957-16-50Skibee 65RunaboutMichaelPellegrinomore info
195722Wak'em up57-22-431110V-Drive RunaboutDavidHausermanmore info
195824Irish Eyes58-24-36 RunaboutMarkEvansmore info
195815Shepherd   Don and MonicaWhitemore info
195822tba456110utility runaboutPeterMooremore info
195815Winter's Dream  RunaboutFW Adamsmore info
195815   Junior Outboardunknown more info
195816KeKe 55?RunaboutDavePetzmore info
195822 58 22 455  KenRobbersmore info
195816DOMER58-16-S6Model 70 - Deluxe GeneDixonmore info
195816Gi-Gi58-16-6165Ski-BeeJoeGartnermore info
195816 58 15.6 179RUNABOUT RickMohovichmore info
195816 58 16 7 InboardRichardKenneymore info
195822Santimo  HardtopScottDunsmoormore info
195822Shepherd  RunaboutTylerHopkinsmore info
195815    WayneGoertzmore info
195815The Shepherd58-15.6-18195Junior OutboardFredMartinmore info
195830eagle eye58-30-10 express cruiserRonaldAndrewmore info
195815  95Junior Outboardunknown more info
195816Ski Bee58-16-6365Ski-BeeJoeGartnermore info
195815 194  JackieGoertzmore info
195818Ole Shep 105RunaboutRichardDalymore info
195816 58 16 2    more info
195818SheaperdN/A??BrianGuaymore info
195818Old Shep  UtilityRussellBrombachermore info
195927Das Gut 150Express Cruiser  more info
195915  95OutboardTomBaldwinmore info
195929    JanetHammonsmore info
195916Handsome DaddyNot KnownType 55?Runabout  more info
195918The Remedy (was Pegasus) 18-59-495RunaboutDaveThomsonmore info
195918 18-59-493105RunaboutSpankyRobinsonmore info
195916 Dark Mahogany55Outboard RunaboutGeneHughesmore info
195924Ingeborg27637 Sedan CommuterKevinHayesmore info
195922Skoot422110RunaboutTonySmithmore info
195922Double D's5922470110 DavidLittlemore info
195922Lonely Buoy   DavidHughesmore info
195918Ski Pappa18-59-500105 HenryMooremore info
195918 59 18 494105convertibleBerryTaylormore info
195915 22895RunaboutHarryMiethnermore info
195915  95Junior Outboardunknown more info
195918 59-18-490105Runabout  more info
196016Family Heirloom60 016 46 OutboardBobAntesmore info
196018Ilikai60 18 511105RunaboutMichaelRuddymore info
196016Whitesider  RunaboutBobCrossanmore info
196022corey60-22-278  stanleibelmore info
1960 test     more info
196022Dunrovin60_22_480110RunaboutPeterJohnstonmore info
196022Muskoka  RunaboutJamesZernymore info
196022 60 22 476 RunaboutAndrewMcCormickmore info
196022Missleading Runabout WilliamYoungmore info
196018Wynford 1 100105 MikeWilsonmore info
196022   UTILITYKENFORBESmore info
196016Capricorn II54 runaboutBradRobertsmore info
196016 35 Outboardunknown more info
196016Gipetto  Ski-beeBrianDe Rochermore info
196022 22460runabout JimHammondmore info
196125Maggie Mae41 Sedan CruiserDouglas and MargaretKermore info
196131Branch Office  CommuterWinstonAdamsmore info
196116 61-16-16SkibeeRunaboutGarthWallacemore info
196122 61-22-484  BobWinnitoymore info
196122   RunaboutPerCarlssonmore info
196116Freebee61 16 59 Runabout Stachowskymore info
196116Heriz61-16-63 InboardJohnBroomemore info
196122Rhubarb61-22-484 130ScottMasonmore info
196131Branch Office  CommuterKimbal and JetGoluskamore info
196116   RunaboutPeterPrieurmore info
196119 MO 1555 AL61-19-7  johnmofersmore info
196119Wooden it be nice  RunaboutRobertBairdmore info
196125My Alibi61-25-49170Cruiser PeterHubnermore info
196119   RunaboutAlanBosworthmore info
196125 61 25 48 CruiserEvanHarveymore info
196119    ScottWhitfillmore info
196227none yet  Sunliner cruiserMarkFostermore info
196222 62 22 510  RayCameronmore info
196225None yet6325161 TXM 427129?Sunliner cruiserMark Fostermore info
196219fury II? RunaboutDavidPodmoremore info
196219Moody Blue62-19-22 RunaboutBruceMiddletonmore info
196222Almost Eight62 22 503  BillRootmore info
196219 ? RunaboutRobertGillespiemore info
196219Miss Shepherd1 3 Point HydroplaneLarryAiellomore info
196333Timalu633387T ExpressKerry and PageThompson / Murphymore info
196333   express cruiserTabatha/AdamMitchell/Brakemore info
196333The Usual Suspects!   JackSmithmore info
196333WestWind2  One design SloopMargie Knicklemore info
196326    BryanMcInteemore info
196338   Motor YachtPhilFridenbergmore info
196338Prawnstar   MattDivermore info
196333Plane to Sea63 33 72T Express CruiserJon and DenaDeValkmore info
196319Grace  RunaboutJerryLetourneaumore info
196322 SHD001M63L22 RunaboutBillWrightmore info
196325CONSTANCE  Express CruiserJason and ConnieReadmore info
196326Relic177?Sunliner CruiserJimHarknessmore info
196319Banshee 367 UtilityKerryUhlermore info
196427The Four E's  27 Express CruiserJohnvan der Heidemore info
196442Mi-c  Cruiser  more info
196446Schwanenwerder Berlin??Motor YachtAlexKieffermore info
196422Good Intentions 110UtilityBillKronemore info
196419 64F7352 utilityrichmallochmore info
196433Baby Bird   MichaelMorrismore info
196422Restless47E1662110Deluxe SportsmanRobHarrismore info
196426SUNSHINE642612 Express Cruiser - SunlinerMalcolmHachbornmore info
196445TBD (Formerly Lovely Lady II)64-45-25 Motor YachtRobert and NancyBowmanmore info
196434Boheme322241 Cruiser double deckFernandEssiembremore info
196516   Sport/SkiSteveHaywardmore info
196531Overdraft II65-31-27 Express CruiserKelliStapleymore info
196531Northern Reflections7? Hard top CruiserJerryKirkwoodmore info
196535Ramblin' Rose65 35 68 Express CruiserPeterReevesmore info
196519Call Me Irresponsible66-19-72?RunaboutLarryAiellomore info
196519Labelle??RunaboutMargaretHeiman LaBellemore info
196519enid (formerly)unknown  JimGrandmore info
196522 65-22-565    more info
196519Crisis65 196 81  AndrewMacLaurinmore info
196519le rocket65-19-70 runaboutGregSolarmore info
196622Magnum Force66 22 570 RunaboutJohnLukemore info
196619Miss Ashley196674  ErichDechermore info
196641Lumac I  Motor YachtLarryMacHalemore info
196631Carpe Diem  Express cruiserMichaelMcEvoymore info
196619 66-19-76  DanFitzpatrickmore info
196646mix emotion664615 cabin cruser flying bridgeAlainBoisseaumore info
196750Dolphin XII67505  Sean and StefanieMillermore info
196731Mahogany Jane  Express CruiserEricStringermore info
196837Copacetic45187083700 Sea VoyagerSedanBillBabcockmore info
196950 5010 Trojan Shepherd Motor YachtRobert and KimberMaguiremore info
196942Grace5109705  Kent and MichelleFrostmore info
196936MARK 1  CruiserJackGallantmore info
197036KEILEY MARIE  TRI CABINPhilGiboneymore info
197050step III348162 motor yacht-fly bridgeTom Hoolihanmore info
197048 or 50Viva7100702flybridgeyachtWilliam GreenGreenmore info
197126   Sunliner CruiserStuWelshmore info
197125Rachelle     more info
197336Nautigal IX4402748F36Tri CabinGeoffRotherammore info
197336Silver Dollar 75  Trojan F36 Tri-FlyDDPatersonmore info
197453winsome  deck house salonMYScottBrownmore info
197536Loon-A-Sea IIITRJ052510275 Shepherd Trojan 36 Tri CabinBillFrankimore info
197536Penturbia360-6002 Trojan Tri-FlyBrianBiffismore info
197536FOUR SEAS IITRJ052680675-440 Tri CabinColinCowleymore info