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Boats For Sale
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Disclaimer: The information listed on this page is for informational purposes only. This information has been provided by the seller and despite my efforts in providing useful and accurate information there may be errors. Before purchasing a boat it is strongly recommended to check the particulars and get a qualified person to carry out a survey. Also, I personally am receiving no compensation in the sale of this or any other boat listed on this website

There are currently 23 boats listed for sale.
Boat ID: 1879Owner Name: Richard Gaudreau 
Year: 1948 Location: Quebec 
Length: 17 ft.   Phone:  
Condition: Under Restoration Email: rIchardgaudreau07@gmail.com 
Model No.:  Homepage:  
Model Type: Runabout Date Updated: 6/17/2016 10:24:13 PM
Price: $6500 
Description: Shepherd Runabout 17, Under restoration. Needs new bottom. All original wood saved for template. Grey marine phantom 4 75hp 4 cyl 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  

Boat ID: 1878Owner Name: Dan Morrow 
Year: 1948 Location: 1000 Islands 
Length: 22 ft.   Phone:  
Condition: Good to Excellent Email: dan@morrowgraphics.com 
Model No.:  Homepage:  
Model Type: Utility Date Updated: 5/26/2016 9:50:12 PM
Price: $33,000 
Description: 22 foot Shepherd, mahogany plank over mahogany and oak frames, in excellent condition. Own a piece of Canadian history hand crafted at Niagara-on-the-Lake in 1947. Powered by a Chrysler Super Crown 150. Located 1000 Islands, recently surveyed and ready to enjoy.$33,000 Call Dan at 315-425-0051 week days, 613-659-3093 weekends 
Photos: Photo 1  

Boat ID: 1877Owner Name: Dave Ross 
Year: 1948 Location: Oakville, Ontario 
Length: ft.   Phone: 905-484-4338 
Condition: 90% Email: dave@rossview.ca 
Model No.: 17156 Homepage:  
Model Type: V drive bucket seat Date Updated: 5/18/2016 8:25:18 PM
Price: $15,000 
Description: Needs minor assembly fresh 5 coats of Bristol varnish could use finish coat fresh anti foul on excellent original bottom seams clean ready for batten / seal, engine Chrysler ace. Painted and polished brass and copper new custom floor needs side panels finished and installed interior upholstery good all Chrome redone and ready for install new glass and chrome windshields lost storage work shop sitting on older double axle trailer 

Boat ID: 1784Owner Name: André Trudel 
Year: 1953 Location: Blainville, Québec, Canada 
Length: 22'' ft.  12'''' Phone: 450-420-4669 
Condition: Good to Excellent Email: a-trudel@videotron.ca 
Model No.: 22-142 Homepage:  
Model Type: Runabout Date Updated: 2/14/2015 1:09:29 PM
Price: $32500 
Description: 1953 Shepherd runabout 22’’, triple cockpit, modern power (Chrysler 440) 330 Hp, trailer, full cover and mini rag top, rear platform under which there are 2 electric stabilizers bars (trim tabs), a fun comfortable boat fully restored, always well maintained, unique boat. 

Boat ID: 1700Owner Name: Phil Hall 
Year: 1957 Location: Kelowna 
Length: 18 ft.   Phone: 604-644-8987 
Condition: Excellent Email: dianneandphil@dccnet.com 
Model No.: 468 Homepage:  
Model Type: runabout Date Updated: 8/30/2014 7:23:00 PM
Price: $48,000 
Description: Total rebuild from plank up. Four year restoration. Winner in class at the Vancouver and Victoria BC Classic boat festival. Call for details. Check photos. Been used in commercials. 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  

Boat ID: 1687Owner Name: John Barber 
Year: 1955 Location: Lake Joseph, Ont. 
Length: 22 ft.   Phone: 416 432 3473 
Condition: Good Email: john.c.barber@gmail.com 
Model No.: Homepage:  
Model Type: runabout Date Updated: 7/15/2014 10:44:34 AM
Price: $20,000 
Description: THUNDERBIRD is a well-maintained, one-owner boat, always boathouse stored and serviced since new by Gordon Bay Marine in Muskoka, Ont. Apart from a new cockpit sole, every plank and part is original. There are no issues, no leaks. Engine is strong & reliable. 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  Photo 5  

Boat ID: 1667Owner Name: Joe 
Year: Location: Old Bethpage 
Length: 23 ft.   Phone: 516 458-4002 
Condition: Poor Email: jpn77@live.com 
Model No.: Homepage:  
Model Type:  Date Updated: 6/7/2014 3:03:00 PM
Price: $1800 
Description: I am selling a 21' (actual trailer 24') Shoreline galvanized trailer, that hasn't been used in years and never used in salt water. This trailer has dual axles with brakes on all 4 wheels. It also has an electric winch, which I am not sure is working. Tire rubber is in good shape. This heavy duty trailer has some surface rust on the fenders but otherwise in good shape. There is a wood Shepard collectible boat on the trailer. The boat is a project that was never finished and is currently an empty hull. I have the dash and brand new v-drive. I also have an old Dodge marine grade engine that I may include for parts or to restore the boat. It's a Guy Lombardo style boat and would make a great project for someone with the know-how. This was owned by a marine mechanic who has retired and has no need for it anymore. We have other misc marine equipment that may interest you.  

Boat ID: 1570Owner Name: Ned & Annie Bain 
Year: 1965 Location: Robert Patrick Marina, Trenton, Ontario 
Length: 31'' ft.   Phone: 613-779-6914 
Condition: Good Email: ned.annie@yahoo.ca 
Model No.:  Homepage:  
Model Type: Cabin Cruiser Date Updated: 8/20/2013 11:53:11 AM
Price: $5000 obo 
Photos: Photo 1  

Boat ID: 1546Owner Name: Beeper 
Year: 1953 Location: Atlantic Beach, NY 11509 
Length: 22 foot ft.   Phone: 917-359-7095 
Condition: Destroyed Email: jpfina@aol.com 
Model No.:  Homepage:  
Model Type: Shepherd Sportsman Date Updated: 6/23/2013 12:39:40 PM
Price: $3000.00 
Description: This 1953 Shepherd Sportsman with Mahogany wood is powered with a 215 HP Interceptor Marine Engine. We purchased it in 1999 from the South Street Seaport Museum, NY in the condition it was and still is. The boat needs alot of TLC. It truly will be a beautiful boat once she has a "face lift". 

Boat ID: 1541Owner Name: Adam Earhart 
Year: 1953 Location: Merrickville, ON 
Length: 18 ft.   Phone: 613-355-9925 
Condition:  Email: tbh1@hotmail.ca 
Model No.:  Homepage:  
Model Type:  Date Updated: 6/14/2013 3:16:42 PM
Price: $7500 obo 
Description: Good solid boat needs full restoration. V-drive Model 105 110 HP Chrysler Ace 

Boat ID: 1530Owner Name: Chris Chase 
Year: 1957 Location: San Rafael, Ca. 
Length: 24 ft.   Phone: 415-261-0539 
Condition: Good to Excellent Email: cnc94904@aol.com 
Model No.: 120 S Homepage:  
Model Type: Sportsman Date Updated: 5/21/2013 12:38:28 PM
Price: $46,500 
Description: Go to sierraboat.com to look. Its the only Shepherd listed 

Boat ID: 1524Owner Name: Rick Lefebvre 
Year: 1962 Location: North Bay, Ontario, Canada 
Length: 22'' ft.   Phone: 705-690-9015 
Condition: Fair Email: rocknorth@estlink.ca 
Model No.: 505 Homepage:  
Model Type: runabout Date Updated: 4/18/2013 12:15:43 PM
Price: $9000.00 
Description: 1962 Shepherd runabout I/O I beleive this was the first year Shepherd used the inboard/outboard style engine. This boat is very sound but does need some TLC it has been in storage for 25 years. The engine runs but needs a good tune-up If someone has the time and a few bucks this is a great deal.  

Boat ID: 1519Owner Name: Ross Ruscica 
Year: 1957 Location: Peterborough Ontario 
Length: 22 ft.   Phone: (705)696-2965 
Condition: Good Email: mopar11@live.ca 
Model No.:  Homepage:  
Model Type:  Date Updated: 4/8/2013 12:59:13 PM
Price: $25,000 
Description: 1957 Shepherd 22 feet 135 HP Chrysler Flat Top 6 Runs great complete with custom tandem trailer Interior and exterior in great shape $25,000 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  Photo 5  

Boat ID: 1488Owner Name: Absolute Classics Marine 
Year: 1948 Location: Kelowna, B.C. 
Length: 22 ft.   Phone: 250 807-2194 
Condition: Poor Email: bruce@absoluteclassicsmarine.com 
Model No.: ?? Homepage: http:www.absoluteclassicsmarine.com
Model Type: Sport Deluxe? Date Updated: 11/6/2012 2:18:45 PM
Price: $negotiable 
Description: Very very Rare Shepherd. Possibly only 2 were made of this model and one year only. Originally had a Packard Straight 8 Direct Drive but it has no motor right now. Long rear deck with no third seat behind the engine as on other 22' Shepherds of that year. Late 40's style windshield and had the war surplus aircraft bucket seats (missing). Hate to see this one disappear for lack of restoration. Contact us for more information. Willing to sell as is or will quote on restoration. Phone 250 807-2194 or Email: bruce@absoluteclassicsmarine.com 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  Photo 5  Photo 6  

Boat ID: 1487Owner Name: Absolute Classics Marine 
Year: 1956 Location: Keopwna, B.C. Canada 
Length: 27 ft.   Phone: 250 807-2194 
Condition: Fair Email: bruce@absoluteclassicsmarine.com 
Model No.: 130 Homepage: http:www.absoluteclassicsmarine.com
Model Type: Express Runabout or aka Commuter Convertible Date Updated: 11/6/2012 2:11:28 PM
Price: $negotiable 
Description: Boat was under restoration a number of years ago then went into storage for an extended time. Has new bottom and is in solid condition overall but needing interior refinishing and some hull planks need replacing. Engines went missing before we acquired the boat - were twin 331 Hemis. Have a matched set of Chrysler Crowns with V-Drives out of a 1954 27' Shepherd that would drop in essentially. One big advantage is all hardware was replated to show quality and is mostly complete from what we know. No trailer. Can complete the restoration or will consider selling as is. Contact us for more information and price. E-mail bruce@absoluteclassicsmarine.com or phone 250 807-2194. 

Boat ID: 1462Owner Name: Serge Monette 
Year: 1953 Location: Montréal, Qc, CA 
Length: 22 ft.   Phone: 514-333-4153 
Condition: Excellent Email: info@retromobile.ca 
Model No.:  Homepage:  
Model Type: runabout Date Updated: 9/7/2012 7:06:28 AM
Price: $45000$ 
Description: 1953 Shepherd runabout 22’’, triple cockpit, modern power (Chrysler 440), trailer, full cover and mini rag top, a fun comfortable boat fully restored, well care, unique boat. 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  

Boat ID: 1398Owner Name: Tom Eldridge 
Year: 1953 Location: Kingston 
Length: 22 ft.  6 Phone: 613-483-9330 
Condition:  Email: thomaseldridge@hotmail.com 
Model No.:  Homepage:  
Model Type: Shepherd Utility Date Updated: 4/28/2012 11:26:44 AM
Price: $2495 
Description: This is a project boat. No engine. Comes with original gauges, steering wheel, steering mevhanicals, rudder, seats (reupholstered), stainless steel gas tank, engine cover reupholstered, seat frames, drive shaft. Frame is solid and can be replankled or used for pattern. Comes with dual axle trailer. 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  

Boat ID: 1350Owner Name: Doug Glazer 
Year: 1953 Location: Jupiter Flirida 
Length: 27 ft.   Phone: 954-303-4349 
Condition: Excellent Email: gdougieg@aol.com 
Model No.: Commuter Homepage:  
Model Type:  Date Updated: 11/1/2011 2:55:53 PM
Price: $118,750 
Description: 1953 27 foot Shepherd Commuter Original twin Chrysler Crown M47S V-drive engines, upgraded with fresh water cooling, bronze rubber impeller raw water pumps, and electronic ignition. Very low hours since rebuild Completely rebuilt in 2006 with no system untouched. Professionally maintained. All exterior varnish stripped and recoated 15 coats of hi gloss varnish 2011. Hardware rechromed. Adjustable removable bimini top enclosure with removable aft bimini that will cover the entire cockpit, and complete isinglass panels for all openings. Full boat storage cover. located Jupiter Florida $ 118,750 www.photobucket.com/babalu_photoshoot Doug 954-303-4349 or gdougieg@aol.com 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  Photo 5  

Boat ID: 1334Owner Name: John Lawlor 
Year: 1961 Location: Omaha, Ne USA 
Length: 22 ft.   Phone: 402-510-2209 
Condition: Good Email: jlawlor@omahamarinecenter.com 
Model No.: 22 Shepherd Homepage: http:www.omahamarinecenter.com
Model Type:  Date Updated: 9/17/2011 7:37:38 AM
Price: $34845.00 
Description: 1961 Shepherd 22 in good running condition with Chrysler V drive motor and brand new 2010 Custom Shorelandr roller trailer built for the boat. Motor starts, runs, and shifts smoothly. Interior is in excellent condition. Price includes fresh bottom paint not completed yet. Cover, wicker chairs, and flags included. Will consider all serious offers. View our listing and more photos at our website www.omahamarinecenter.com under the used boat listings.For more info call John lawlor at c#402-510-2209. 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  Photo 5  

Boat ID: 1331Owner Name: Sean Miller 
Year: 1967 Location: Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada 
Length: 50 ft.   Phone: 1-519-841-0325 
Condition: Good to Excellent Email: smiller10@rogers.com 
Model No.:  Homepage: http:www.dolphinvii.com
Model Type: Motor Yacht Date Updated: 9/13/2011 7:51:10 PM
Price: $89,500 
Description: for photo's refer to http://shepherdboats.com/boatDetails.asp?boatID=102 Recent 2010 survey. 2-300 hp Cummins Diesels. Recent top end rebuilds. 4 kW Geny. 440 US gals/1660L fuel tank, 160 gals fresh water. 2x40 gallon BL water tanks. 1x4D for starting. 14 6VDC deep cycle wired for 12V for the house, 1540 amp hr. 2x40amp 3 bank Truecharge battery chargers with remote panel. Separate 3000 Watt inverter. 6x15 Watt solar panels. Raymarine VHF radio with DSC, Raymarine GPS Chartplotter, Lowrance Depthsounder-Fishfinder. 2x240' lengths of 3/4" rode for 55lb Danforth anchor. 16,000 BTU marine air conditioner. 1gal 110VAC compressor for air horns. 10 gallon hot water tank. CO2 fire suppression system. 1/2 hp wash down pump. Matching dinghy with glass window in the bottom with 9.9hp outboard motor mounted on swim platform. Full size house fridge with freezer.Built-in full size microwave.Built-in coffee maker.Full size toaster oven.Dishwasher.Railing mount 60,000 BTU SS BBQ. Aft State R.Q bed.Ensuite & shower.Aft bunk R. V-berth ensuite 2-piece. 

Boat ID: 1299Owner Name: KeKe 
Year: 1958 Location: St. Williams, Ontario 
Length: 16 ft.  7 Phone: 519-586-8852 
Condition: Good Email: boatkeke@gmail.com 
Model No.:  Homepage: https:sites.google.comsiteourboatkeke
Model Type: runabout Date Updated: 5/11/2011 2:41:45 PM
Price: $7000.00 obo 
Description: Shepherd Runabout for sale, with Suzuki 75 hp outboard and a trailer. Boat, trailer and motor in fine working condition.  

Boat ID: 1290Owner Name: Derrick 
Year: 1957 Location: Huntsville, Ontario, Canada 
Length: 18ft ft.   Phone: (905)-844-2404 
Condition: Excellent Email: dmuntwyler@cogeco.ca 
Model No.: Hull: 57-18-455 Homepage:  
Model Type: Runabout Date Updated: 4/17/2011 9:18:14 AM
Price: $26,000 
Description: This beautiful 18 'Shepherd, powered by a 110 h.p. Chrysler 6 cylinder engine, is one of those "sweet" boats that rarely becomes available. The work has all been done. Babied throughout its ownership this boat is in pristine condition. Bacall is an eye pleaser wherever she goes. This boat is complete with twin spotlights, convertible top, glass windshield, a full mooring cover, a compliment of related equipment and a tandem trailer. This boat is ready for Show & Go. Just add water! -Hull No. 57-18-455 -Boat located in Huntsville, Ontario -Comes with Trailer -Asking $26,000 OR BEST OFFER!! -ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED!!!! 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3  Photo 4  

Boat ID: 1275Owner Name: Hans 
Year: 1947 Location: IL. USA 
Length: 17 ft.   Phone: 815-245-1765 
Condition: Excellent Email: mili1@mc.net 
Model No.:  Homepage:  
Model Type: Utility Date Updated: 3/22/2011 9:11:20 AM
Price: $17000.00 
Description: 1947 Shepherd utility.5200 Bottom,All new wood from the water line down and yes the Keel also,new chrome,Glass, Gray Marine six 100 HP, Boat has five hours on it. Has a nice trailer also. Thanks for looking 
Photos: Photo 1  Photo 2  Photo 3